LRS Chest Harness Instructions

LRS Chest Harness Instructions

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*This LRS Chest Harness is not PPE! It is simply for orientation of devices. Follow all manufacturer instructions for your PPE devices. Always use backups to the primary device, some devices will not catch an upside-down fall if held upwards with a chest harness*

This Chest Harness is used to hold a lead belay device upwards while lead rope soloing. Proper adjustment is required to hold the device snug, straight, and without snags. 

Usage Steps:

1. Loosen the webbing tails at the two side buckles to begin with a loose fit.

2. Adjust the rear "x-junction" buckle to set the head loop size to be just barely fit over your head and helmet.

3. With one side buckle unclipped, put the harness over your head, and your arm through the clipped arm loop. Then, pull the free hanging buckle of the other arm loop around the side and clip it to fully close the harness.

4. Use opposite side hands to tighten webbing slack through the adjustable buckles until the harness is snug, but does not restrict any over head arm motion.

5. Adjust the clip loop or tether of your device to reach the integrated carabiner on the chest harness, to be held snug but without limiting movement.

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