Avant's Story

Founded by Brent Barghahn, a seasoned product designer and professional climber, Avant is committed to developing innovative solutions for trad, multipitch, and rope solo climbers.

Why Avant Exists

Avant was born from a vision to fill a gap in gear-intensive genres of climbing, which still require trusting DIY solutions. We create these specialized products for trad, multipitch, and rope solo climbing that enhance efficiency and safety, but are often overlooked by mainstream gear companies.

What we Offer

We make this niche gear to solve real climbing challenges encountered by serious climbers like you. From redpoint trad climbing, to efficient multipitch climbing, to adventurous lead rope soloing, our products are tested in the field to ensure they live up to the demands of the sport and our strict standards for quality and innovation.

Our Partners

Our Team

Brent Barghahn

Founder - Product Designer - Professional Climber - Engineer

Brent Barghahn, Avant's founder, brings a unique blend of expertise as a product designer of 10 years, an engineer with multiple climbing patents, and a professional trad climber. After years creating new innovations for Black Diamond in Salt Lake City, and pursuing climbing across the U.S., Brent now designs each product from Flagstaff, Arizona.

Brent's Personal Blog

Mantas Motekaitis

Story Telling & Content Creation

Mantas plays a crucial role in sharing the success of our customers out on the rock, with a deep passion for storytelling and a keen eye for capturing the essence of the climbing experience.

Mantas' Media Company

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