Avant's Story

Climbing gear innovations brought to you by experienced product designer, and professional climber, Brent Barghahn.

Avant was founded with the vision of bringing niche products to the market that don't have volumes to make it to gear shop shelves.

Invented with purpose.

These products were created to solve my own climbing problems in the pursuit of elite trad climbing and lead rope soloing. I hope they may solve your problems, and improve your own climbing experience!

-Brent, Avant Founder

Our Team

Brent Barghahn

Founder - Product Designer - Professional Climber - Engineer

Hailing from a small town in Minnesota, Brent's passion for climbing led him westward to Salt Lake City after university, where he honed his skills designing climbing equipment at Black Diamond. Now based in Flagstaff, Arizona, Brent continues to create products and pursue elite trad climbing, lead rope soloing, and multipitch/bigwall climbing.

Brent's Personal Blog

Mantas Motekaitis

Story Telling - Content Creation - Marketing

Mantas is a Lithuanian documentary filmmaker and rock climber.
He is passionate to share stories of the outdoors and to connect with subjects that embody a spirit of adventure. 

Mantas' Media Company

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