Flex-Link Anti-Crossload Protector Instructions

Flex-Link Anti-Crossload Protector Instructions

Installation Steps:

1. First, clip the desired PPE carabiner through any free moving connecting rope/devices/belay loops before installing the Flex-Link.


2. Clip the PPE carabiner nose through one eyelet of the Flex-Link.


3. Clip the PPE carabiner nose through the device or rope loop which is desired to be held in place. (If using the Flex-Link to hold a rope loop in place, ensure the loop is small enough to not pop over the Flex-Link eyelets)


4. Clip the PPE carabiner nose through the second eyelet of the Flex-Link


5. Rotate the Flex-Link so that the connecting band sits neatly and flush within the carabiner body. Always double check that the Flex-Link will not impeded with an required PPE device movement or pivoting!


Storage Racking: The Flex-Link has a built in racking mode for easy loose-clipping when not in use. Locate the slot in the connecting band, and then pass the opposite side eyelet through this slot. The band will then create a clip-able loop.

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