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"Flex-Link" - Anti-Crossload Protector

"Flex-Link" - Anti-Crossload Protector

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Increase Carabiner Peace-of-Mind with Our Unique Flex-Link Device Side Crossload Protector

Increase security in your rope solo climbing with our Flex-Link. This essential add-on is designed to significantly increase the safety of your primary lead rope solo device carabiner, or to stabilize your top rope solo devices. 

Optimized for Stability:

  • Our Flex-Link features elongated clip-in holes which effectively prevent rotation. This keeps the band flush inside the carabiner body, ensuring stable and secure positioning during your climb.

Robust and Reliable:

  • Specifically designed to enhance the security of aluminum carabiners, our Flex-Link ensures that your primary device connector remains robust and reliable under various climbing conditions.

Innovative Pass-Through Slot:

  • The unique pass-through slot allows the Flex-Link to effortlessly fold into a racking mode. This lets the Flex-Link be hung loosely and out of the way on a carabiner. 

Trust our Flex-Link Crossload Protector to provide additional security to device orientation when it counts.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Crossloading is for suckers

    Tired of down climbing and hanging at your last piece of pro before the crux when you could have confidently sent the GNAR or simply whipped like a hero!?
    The FlexLink anti-crossload device is here to help! I used to feel like I was free soloing while climbing because I imagined my potentially crossloaded carabiner would explode into a million pieces if I dropped. Since using the flexlink, I’ve begun to fall with less fear than a belayed catch! Let’s face it… When partner climbing your belayer is watching the better-looking climbers at the crag so you might as well commit to LRS for the rest of your days.

    The FlexLink can also be used to orient toproping devices and ropes on carabiners so you may want to snag a few.

    Having the FlexLink on your belay biner is one of the best ways to dampen that worrisome mind of yours. Get rid of your fear-based excuses by using this with your system!