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"Flex-Link" - Anti-Crossload Protector

"Flex-Link" - Anti-Crossload Protector

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Even anti-crossload specific carabiners allow devices to slide down the side of carabiners, an un-nerving sight when rope soloing, or during other hands free device scenarios. Our device side anti-crossload protector adds one more layer of carabiner security when it matters.

This carabiner add-on is overkill in the best way possible, designed to significantly increase the safety of your primary lead rope solo device carabiner, or to stabilize top rope solo and other hands free devices. 

    Tech Specs

    Weight: 10g
    Length: 140mm
    Slot Width: 9mm
    Carabiner Compatibility: Medium to Large Locking Carabiners
    Material: Flexible Engineering Grade TPU

    Key Features:

    Optimized for Stability ➔

    Our Flex-Link features elongated clip-in holes which effectively prevent rotation. This keeps the band flush inside the carabiner body, ensuring stable and secure positioning during your climb.

    Robust and Reliable ➔

    Specifically designed to enhance the security of aluminum carabiners, our Flex-Link ensures that your primary device connector remains robust and reliable under various climbing conditions.

    Innovative Pass-Through Slot ➔

    The unique pass-through slot allows the Flex-Link to effortlessly fold into a racking mode. This lets the Flex-Link be hung loosely and out of the way on a carabiner.


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