Quick-Fire Cam Release Instructions

Quick-Fire Cam Release Instructions

*This releasable racking device should not be used for multipitch climbs, or other scenarios where a accidental release could cause lost critical gear. This quick release may be unstable for large offwidth cams*

 Usage Instructions:

These Quick-Fire cam releases are designed to easily hitch onto a gear loop, to be added on only for the pitches where you need that key placement to be faster.

1.Hold the Quick-Fire against a gear loop, pushing the loop flat as shown.


2. Fold the loop over the releasing head of the device, creating a hitch loop. If the device is cold or stiff, a carabiner can be clipped into the loop to create a pull handle to help stretch the loop over the head.


3. Clip the cam into the releasing head of the Quickfire, OR spread the release arms with your fingers to insert the cam thumb loop for higher racking. The Quick-Fire can slide along the gear loop to be racked in order with other cams. Pull and place when it is time for the piece! 



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