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"Quick-Fire" - Cam Release (3 Pack)

"Quick-Fire" - Cam Release (3 Pack)

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Elevate your hard trad climbing head points with the Quick-Fire!

Designed for speed and efficiency, our Quick-Fire keeps that key piece ready for instant placement with its quick-release mechanism.


Rapid Cam Deployment:

  • The Quick-Fire holds your cam securely in place while climbing. When it's time to place a cam, a simple tug releases it swiftly, allowing you to feel the efficiency of lightning-fast placements.

Effortless and Secure Racking:

  • The Quick-Fire can be easily hitched around any gear loop, making it a versatile addition to your harness. Its straightforward design allows for quick and secure racking of your cam carabiners with a calibrated 8lb release force.

Intuitive and Flexible Placement:

  • With the ability to slide along the gear loop, you can organize your cams precisely as you need them. Whether you're aligning them in order or fitting multiple Quick-Fires, our design provides the flexibility you need for efficient gear management.

Add the Quick-Fire to your head point rack for fast and secure cam placements when it matters on challenging trad routes.


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