Quicklink Slide-Cinch Instructions

Quicklink Slide-Cinch Instructions

*This Slide-Cinch device may increase the risk of a quickdraw unclipping from a bolt during a fall. Pair a Slide-Cinch installed quickdraw with a locking carabiner for the bolt side to prevent this*

This flexible device will wear in slightly over time to match the diameter of your rope. 

Installation Steps:

1. Orient the 5/16" quicklink so that the threaded nut screws upwards to open.


2. Align the Slide-Cinch with the smaller square hole aligned to the threads of the quicklink, and with the flexible flaps pointed upwards, Then, flex it over the thread bumps.


3. Slide the Slide-Cinch square hole around the bottom of the quicklink to the other side, and then pivot the device to align the slot with the open nut.


4. Flex the Slide-Cinch over the nut and slide to the very top of the Quicklink. This is the "Stored" position with a open and closeable nut to install the rope.


5. Install the rope, and then spin the nut down to close the Quicklink. (To setup one handed deployment, slide the device down until it is atop the nut, but not yet cinching the rope).


6. To engage "cinch" mode, slide the device down the Quicklink body, popping completely over the nut. The device will sit slightly sideways tight against the underside bump of the nut. Cinch the rope to hold anchor tension.



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