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Quicklink "Slide-Cinch" - Lead Rope Solo Anchor Tensioner

Quicklink "Slide-Cinch" - Lead Rope Solo Anchor Tensioner

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Lead rope solo anchors should be cinched upwards to reduce unwanted slack and avoid crossloading carabiners, but in a way that still allows dynamic fall absorption. Our Slide-Cinch is purpose built for this task - the rope is held snug, but still slides through during a fall. 

This rubber quicklink add-on is a game-changer for tensioning your anchors upwards effortlessly, especially when setting a two bolt inline anchor with a stick clip, or when cinching a soft catch bungee system upwards. 

*Rubber Keeper only, quicklink not included*

    Tech Specs

    Weight: 7g
    Material: Flexible Engineering Grade TPU
    Rope Compatibility: 8.5mm-10mm
    Quicklink Compatibility: 5/16"
    Lifespan: 1-2 Seasons of Heavy Usage (Expect only 1 season if using a bungee anchor)
    *This Slide-Cinch is a Consumable Piece of the LRS System and will Wear Out with use*

    Key Features:

    Adaptable Fit ➔

    Our TPU Keeper features flexible flaps, accommodating a wide range of rope diameters. This adaptability ensures a perfect fit for various rope sizes.

    Secure and Reliable ➔

    Engineered for a snug fit, our keeper lives securely on a 5/16" quicklink. Once in place, it’s impossible to drop or lose.

    Effortless Operation ➔

    Designed for fly-by anchoring as well, the TPU Keeper allows for one-handed deployment. A versatile anchoring accessory for LRS cragging.


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