Soft-Cinch Installation Instructions

Soft-Cinch Installation Instructions

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*This Soft-Cinch device may increase the risk of a quickdraw unclipping from a bolt during a fall. Pair a Soft-Cinch installed quickdraw with a locking carabiner for the bolt side to prevent this*

Helpful Considerations:
-These fit tightly on the carabiner and are semi-permanent. It is best to put them on a set of extra carabiners, and then swap them with the rope-side quickdraw carabiner prior to a rope solo outing

-Install the Soft-Cinchers at least 24 hours before first climbing use, so that they have time to fully dry and set in place! 


Installation Steps:

1. Soak the TPU Soft-Cinch in hot water for 3 minutes to soften the material, and lubricate the carabiner slot. Lubricate the body of the carabiner itself with clean water as well. (the Soft Cinch will be impossible to install without lubrication assistance!)

2. Start the Soft-Cinch onto the carabiner nose, starting with the hammer-head feature upwards and outwards.

3. Slide the Soft-Cinch around the carabiner bend using the hammer-head as a push point.

4. Rotate the Soft-Cinch so that the flap is inwards within the carabiner

5. Set the gap between the flap and the carabiner basket to fit the lead rope, holding it with a bit of friction. The hammer-head tip will sit very close to the carabiner, but this flexes sideways out of the way with a mid-clip tug to allow the rope to fit inside the flap. 

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