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"Flip-Stop" Cam Carabiner Stabilizers

"Flip-Stop" Cam Carabiner Stabilizers

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Experience Faster Trad Placements with Our Cam Carabiner Stabilizer - the only option on the market that keeps the cam sling open for full usage. 

*Patent Pending Design*

Optimize your trad rack with our innovative Flip-Stops. This flexible add-on securely holds the racking carabiner in an easy-clipping position, but unlike any other option on the market, still allows the sling to be clipped and weighted with draws when needed.

Optimally designed to fit most cam sling and carabiner combinations. Invented by Avant founder Brent Barghahn while projecting some of North America's hardest trad routes. 

Streamlined and Secure:

  • This innovative carabiner stabilizer ensures that your cam carabiners are always oriented for easy clipping, while staying low profile and un-obtrusive in use.

Durable and Dependable:

  • Molded from strong engineering grade TPU, these stabilizers will not break (we will happily warranty any Flip-Stops that break during normal free climbing! Not recommended for use with Alfifi aid daisies)

Easy to Use:

  • Designed for quick and effortless clipping. Stay in the flow of climbing with less gear faff. Experience cams that are as easy to clip as sport quickdraws.

    Compatibility and Convenience:

    • This flexible stabilizer is compatible with a wide range of carabiners and cam models, offering versatility to suit your specific rack setup. (Fits best with narrow slings, but can fit all cam slings on the market.)

    Streamline your trad experience with the Flip-Stops

    *Note: Flip Stops are not recommended on long extendable slings due to the added risk of unclipping fully from the sling during extension, but not realizing, due to the carabiner being held in place by the rubber device.*


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews

    Such a good idea and they work super well!

    Ashley Alldredge
    Nice innovation!

    Work great!

    'Bout Time

    Very well thought out and easy to install. Perfectly done. Thanks!

    Why don't all cams have these already?

    While a bit fiddly to apply to all your cams, once they are on, you wonder why cam makers haven't been doing this for years. They're just that much slicker.

    Great little widgets

    These things really help keep the carabiner from flipping, which provides some extra piece of mind during hard trad redpoints. I always use to use some tape or rubber bands that looked kinda junky and usually broke prematurely. These new flipstops are very streamlined and durable, I could see most cam producing companies incorporating this design into their future products.

    Modern Climbing Innovation. Maximal Efficiency.

    This is one of those products you don't realize you need until you have tried it. Using the Flip-Stop on max difficulty routes I have found that the comfort of clipping the rope with the carabiner in a consistent position reduces my overall time from placement to continued movement. Another benefit is that when pulling a rope through gear to setup for a pink point you are set up with the peace of mind that you won't have to stop and flip your carabiners in the midst of a crux. The Flip-Stop has proven durable over several months of use. Its simple design makes it seem invisible on the cams to which it is attached, although I definitely notice its absence when climbing on a rack without Flip-Stops. Overall, adding Flip-Stops to your rack maximizes your climbing experience in ways you never knew you needed.

    Stop the Flip

    These things are great. For years, I just dealt with the annyonance of cam biners flipping. I eventually transitioned to small rubber band hair ties but have since upgraded to these. I'm weak and need all the help I can get to streamline my climbing and the flip-stops have become a crucial component in my struggles against gravity. Once you use them, you can't go back!

    Brandon h
    This is how all cams will be in the future

    We don't have to deal with flopping clip side carabiners or sport draws, now we don't have to while trad climbing either