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Top Rope Solo Neck Lanyard - Universal Fit

Top Rope Solo Neck Lanyard - Universal Fit

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Discover Effortless Top Rope Solo Climbing with Our Universal Neck Lanyard

Designed for all climber sizes and device types, this lanyard brings simplicity and safety to your fixed line top roping or fix-and-follow multipitch outings. Embrace the purity of top rope climbing.


Adaptable and Shareable:

  • The adjustable neck loop ensures a perfect fit for any climber, making it an ideal choice for sharing with a partner during fix-and-follow multipitch tactics. Share the follower kit, and bring less gear up the route. 

    Universal Compatibility:

    • The pass-through attachment loop is an innovative design feature, offering compatibility with all standard top rope solo devices. No DIY modifications required – just pass the loop through the carabiner hole, clip back, and climb!

    Supreme Comfort with Stretchable Design:

    • Our stretchable bungee cord construction guarantees comfort in all climbing positions. Move freely and confidently.

    Safety-First Design:

    • Our lanyard features a 35lb fail-safe breakaway design, significantly reducing the risk of choking hazards in unforeseen situations.

    Streamlined and Practical:

    • Integrated with a mini carabiner, the lanyard ensures low bulk racking onto your harness, keeping your gear streamlined and accessible on route.


    Elevate your solo climbing experience with the Universal Top Rope Solo Neck Lanyard.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    TR solo lanyard

    Excellent little gizmo. Super easy to use.

    Marc-Olivier Turgeon-Ferland
    Purpose Built

    It's nice to have something purpose built and not something janky you copied from someone on the internet with no credentials.

    Craig Spaulding
    Perfect for lightweight TRS Devices

    Super easy to use with it's adjustability and universal connection method. Up till now I'd been reticent to use an over-the-neck lanyard for TRS. However this design changes all that because of the built in breakaway safety factor. Great for lightweight TRS devices like the Microtrax, Spock, Lift, RollnLock etc. For larger/heavier devices like the Taz Lov or Vergo, I'd recommend, the Avant LRS.Chest Harness.

    Kirby Walke

    Top Rope Solo Neck Lanyard - Universal Fit

    Just Get One!

    For years I got along fine with a piece of elastic shock cord. Not elegant, but sufficient. This setup is a vast improvement to my old system and the other DIY rigs I’ve seen.

    Simple and truly universal

    This lanyard feels like such an obvious part of a multipitch kit, now that I've used it for a while. It's hard to beat the quick adjustments for sharing with a partner, and skipping redundant gear