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Micro Accessory Carabiner (6 Pack)

Micro Accessory Carabiner (6 Pack)

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Save weight on your multipitch kit by racking accessory gear on our Micro Carabiners. Only 8g per carabiner, but large enough to clip through ropes, anchors, and other carabiners for easy sorting.

Tech Specs

Weight: 8g per Carabiner
Carabiner Length: 60mm
Carabiner Strength: 0kN, Accessory Usage Only!
Maximum Clipping Diameter: 11mm

Key Features:

Micro, but Versatile! ➔

Our micro carabiner is sized large enough to easily clip into a gear loop, around a rope anchor, or into fixed hardware at the belay.

Save Weight for Accessories ➔

At 8g per carabiner, easily rack accessory gear like jackets, water bottles, and headlamps while saving significant weight.

Pear Shaped for Easy Handling ➔

The elongated carabiner shape allows easy handling, while still being incredibly low-bulk on your harness.


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